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The Association of Hand Surgeons of the Philippines (AHSP) is the official specialty society, under the Philippine Orthopedic Association and the Philippine College of Surgeons, composed of specialists, trained and passionate in improving care for the hand and upper limb of the Filipino people. Underrepresented among medical professionals in the country, the association bands together practicing hand specialists in order to foster a community of mutual cooperation and professional development with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Established in 1984, the Philippine Society for of Surgery of the Hand (PSSH), was formed to adapt to the evolving subspecialty, in response to the advancing knowledge and technology in hand surgery. The constitution and by-laws were formulated and promulgated by the pioneers, Dr. Vicente Pido and Dr. Eugenio Inocentes, Jr. being elected as the first president and vice-president, respectively. The society included prominent personalities in the field of hand surgery including general and plastic surgeons, Dr. Rimando Saguin, Dr. Luisito Maaño, Dr. Felix Vicuña, and Dr. Conrado de Gracia.

Today, the AHSP continues its advocacy to provide proper management for various conditions of the hand with its members across the archipelago.  The society also disseminates knowledge through scientific meetings, lectures and workshops to enhance the study and practice of hand and upper limb care in the country.

Enhanced by dynamic social media platforms, the society aims to reach and teach the people preventive measures and enhanced health-seeking behavior in order to prevent loss of function, carry out timely treatment, achieve better outcomes and avoid complications in problems involving the hand.


Dr. Jessica Gandiongco